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'Melinda is tenderness... compassion and love.'

Jennie Anstey, Osteopath

Dear friends, Melinda is tenderness. She is compassion and love. And she can peer into subtle realms with clarity and precision. I have received her work many, many times, and no time is the same. Ever deepening, every growing in the mystery. It is always a joy and honour just to relax under her guidance, for it is yourself and those helpers and guides that you walk with, who are seen by her and expressed through her. She brings what is needed…in that moment, that day and for those who are receptive. I hope on the last day of my earthly life I could hear her singing and guiding me into the formless. That is how much I trust her and treasure who she is. What a joy to meet such a sister on earthly paths!

'...Wordlessly weaving us... the ethereal music was more incantation than melody, more sublime than song...'

Margaret &

Victoria Decker

A few months before the gathering of our community to celebrate our wedding, Victoria and I went to City Hall to be legally married by the town mayor. While this event was, in some ways, a mere formality, we wanted to recognize and appreciate its import, as well as create a sacred space around us and within us as we took that significant step together. We asked Melinda to help prepare us.

The morning we got married, Melinda was as happy as we were to celebrate such an exciting moment in our lives. She was warm and sweet and joined us in our joy. Then, together, we acknowledged the gravity of the decision we were making. It was a conversation that grounded us and affirmed us, and set up a sense that we were safe in her guidance. She proceeded to lead us in a meditative visualization that allowed us to expand and engage with our awareness of each other. At this point, we felt deeply connected as a couple, resonating with love and light. And then, Melinda began to sing.

Her voice filled us; what filled her is beyond us. Or perhaps, what was coming from her was coming from us- it was so truly in tune with our hearts. Wordlessly weaving us deeper into each other, the ethereal music was more incantation than melody, more sublime than song. On the periphery of our experience was the pure tone of a crystal singing bowl, surrounding us and holding us, as if in a haven.

Victoria and I sat facing each other, eyes closed but hearts open, holding hands. It was not until long after the sound stopped that we emerged from the rich silence and looked at each other. Tears were streaming down our faces, like tiny prisms reflecting the divine light of Love that still surrounded us. We went to City Hall, blessed and beaming.

We both count this experience as one of the most precious that we have shared together. It will continue to define our relationship, having moved us so powerfully that it’s effect has been permanent. Now that we have been led to that place, we know the way, and can return. We are so grateful to Melinda for being our guide on that path, and for using her gift to contribute so richly to our lives, particularly on that special day.

'Melinda guided me through my own consciousness, gently, lovingly, helping me to see...'

Suzanna Miller

I love alternative healing modalities of every kind, probably because they make me feel nurtured in a way that western medicine just never does.  Whether or not the practice “works” is kinda secondary to me.  But I have to tell you, not only did Melinda make me feel nurtured, her sound healing session worked !! I had been having anxiety fairly steadily for a few months.  Anxiety was new to me, and although there were circumstances in my life that could cause a person anxiety, it had never been the place my emotions would go in the past, so I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I explored stuff related to peri menopause with my naturopath, but nothing seemed to be directly tied to this experience. One Sunday I went to see Melinda rather last minute.  The feelings were pretty strong that day, making my stomach twist in knots, my heart pound, and leaving me with a general sense of danger all around.  It is now over six weeks since I had that session and I have not had an anxiety attack since. Melinda guided me through my own consciousness, gently, lovingly, helping me to see my anxiety I’m sense around.  She helped me feel safe enough to surrender deeply to the feelings, images and sensations that I was experiencing, and by going deeper I was able to release a lot of stuff that had been trapped in me for years.  She then helped me come back and helped me find and identify some guides to lean on after leaving the session.  I have been able to feel the living squeeze of my left hand when circumstances get stressful, and with that continuing support I have felt safe and free from anxiety. Melinda is a talented, loving, intuitive healer and shaman.  I hope you can treat yourself to her magic.  We all deserve it!

'I received ...deep rest... also incredible insights and a level of abundant energy that I hadn't felt in years'

David Sewell McCann

Melinda’s sound energy method helped me turn a fundamental corner in my healing.  For years I had been suffering from various autoimmune conditions and came to Melinda primarily looking for rest.  I received that rest – deep rest – but I also received incredible insights and a level of abundant energy that I hadn’t felt in years.  And it hasn’t stopped – a month later, I can say that I am still feeling energetic, powerful and well.

'Her work is aligned with the work of experienced shaman and medicine women... I feel safe and held in her presence...'

Courney Anderson

Melinda has a presence that goes deeper than her body and physical presence in this reality. Her work is aligned with the work of experienced shaman and medicine women and has a confidence that extends to the knowingness of a long line of healing women that she is somehow cosmically connected to. As a client, I feel safe and held in her presence in a way that invites my body and emotions to release effortlessly. I have been working in the healing arts for 12 years and worked with many talented healers. It is apparent to me that Melinda’s highest purpose in this life is to bring healing through the use of sound and it is an honor to be transformed by her healing work.

'Melinda takes you on a journey... and brings you into your inner, deep freedom and light...'

Chessy Kelley, 

Yoga Instructor

Accelerated therapy and healing. Melinda takes you on a journey through your core issue(s) and brings you into your inner, deep freedom and light so that there is a feeling of relief from the holding of old patterns and energy that we habitually follow. She weaves talking, singing (her voice is unbelievable), bell & bowl resonances & vibrations to bring you into this state of freedom. I took all of this with me from my sessions w Melinda into my daily life and I felt so much more content and alive than I had in a long time!

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